Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tagged by Prism!

Hey lovely blog-buddies!
I've seen this tag around... and now I have been tagged to do it! Here goes...

Who is your favorite male fictional character, and whence comes he?
Urm... I'm not sure... It's a tie between Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice... duh!) and Todd Spencer, from the Christy Miller series.

Who is your favorite female fictional character, and whence comes she?
I'm going to have to say two again... Elsie Dinsmore, from the Elsie Dinsmore series, and the Kale, from the Dragon Keeper Chronicles, by Donita K. Paul.

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite work of theirs?
Well... I have so many favourites! But, for now, I am going to say... Lori Wick, and her book 'The Princess'.

If you are writing a book, answer this question: Who is your favorite character in the book/series you are writing?
I'm not writing anything at the moment...

If you are not writing a book answer this question: Who is you favorite character in a book you know someone else is writing?
I'd have to say (I can' t pick a character) that the series Emii is writing is worth your checking out - go here.

Any other favorites you want to mention?
Urm... The Bible is the best book ever!

I tag...
Anyone who has ever played in snow...

3 Thoughts from YOU!:

Chelsea August 19, 2009 at 9:51 PM  

Good answeres! I totally have to agree with you about emii's writing. It's really good and I love reading it! Can't wait until your next post!!

Kelsey Lynn August 20, 2009 at 5:13 AM  

Oh, my goodness! I love The Princess! I can read it over and over and over again. Most people have never even heard of that book!

Jessica.Mae August 24, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

Hey Rachael, this was cool... I liked reading your answers! Aren't tags so fun? :)

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