Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I like to talk about random things in life...

Today's random topic is...
Okay, I guess it's not so random. (though my friends often are... gotta love 'em!)
This post is going to have 3 parts - Part 1 - Things I love about my girl friends.
Part 2 - Things I love about my guy friends.
Part 3 - Things I love about being a friend.
So, without further ado...
1. They are good for laughing with.
2. They are good for crying with.
3. They are good for talking to, yelling at, and dishing out dark secrets to.
4. I can call them, and they will talk - even if they have only 5 minutes, they will focus on chatting for that five and then go on with whatever else they have to do.
5. They can fix things with a hug and a smile.
6. Who else would I turn to for fashion advice?!?!
7. I'm SO not going to trust my hair and make-up to a guy... :) but my gals are welcome to make me over.
8. Sleepovers - it would be creepy with guys, so :) yay for us girls!
9. Giggling together while swinging at the park... good times!
10. They love me for who I am right now.
11. They love God first - over everything.
1. They are FUN-NY as anything.
2. They play sports with me - even though I suck at anything even remotely like exercise.
3. They don't really care if my sock colour doesn't match my underwear. (or outerwear, for that matter.)
4. They can get away with doing totally gross stuff - all we girls do is GIGGLE!
5. I know that if I ever need a big brother to cry on, they will just sit there and let me cry, not try to fix my whole world with big long fancy words.
6. They are passionate about life.
7. Did I mention they are REALLY funny?
8. They love God.
9. And they are just super fabulous and awesome and cool.
1. I get to have fun.
2. I can be myself.
3. I can show someone else how much God loves them and how awesome they are just being themselves!
4. There is always someone to talk to or listen to.
5. There is always someone to eat chocolate with.
6. I can grow when I listen to their inspiring stories.
7. We are so close that they can tell me that my breath stinks and I won't be offended.
8. If I need something - they are there for me, and if they need something - I am there for them, no matter what.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and tell a friend how awesome they are!
God bless you all!

2 Thoughts from YOU!:

Jenna August 4, 2009 at 8:25 PM  

Friends are such a BLESSING aren't they?! I don't have many true friends, but the couple that I have I wouldn't trade for a thing...I always say that one true friend is better than many who will turn their back on ya;)

Thank you for following my blog...
God Bless,

Emii August 5, 2009 at 9:22 AM  

just what jenna said :)


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