Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tagged! by Abby from 'Contmeplations'

Hey all you bloggy peoples out there!
I have been tagged! Abby, from 'Contemplations', has tagged all her followers... so, that's me! :)
The tag is to tell 30 things about yourself... That should be pretty easy! :)

  1. I am a girl. A girly-girl.
  2. I am a teenager. Not a rebellious one, though. 
  3. I am a Christian. A world-changing, Christ-loving, passionate Christian.
  4. I am a bookworm. Especially when it comes to Lori Wick books.
  5. I am a big sister. To a bunch of totally adorable kids.
  6. I am a friend. To a bunch of totally awesome girls. 
  7. I am a person committed to purity. 100% for Mr Right. 
  8. I am a crazy photo snapper. Seriously. I can take over 150pics in half an hour. And they actually turn out okay.
  9. I am a writer of poetry, worship songs, the occasional story, letters, and English assignments. 
  10. I am a creator of quilts, cards, soft-toys and bags. 
  11. I am a hard worker. Most of the time.
  12. I am a treasure possession of the Most High King.
  13. I am a devoted Bible reader.
  14. I am a passionate prayer.
  15. I am a singer.
  16. I am a dancer.
  17. I am a lover of roses and a disliker of lilys. 
  18. I am a drawer and painter.
  19. I am a person who likes things to be tidy. 
  20. I am a disliker of raw meat. But I get over it enough to make dinner for my family.
  21. I am a happy, contented girl. Well, I aim to be. 
  22. I am a lover of anything pink. Including little pigs. :)
  23. I am a princess. On the inside. 
  24. I am a watcher of Hannah Montanna. Yep, it's true.
  25. I am a email-freak. Seriously, I email WAY to much. 
  26. I am a servant to all.
  27. I am a giver of God's love.
  28. I am a living, walking, talking example of Christ. (Well, I am trying...)
  29. I am a missions-tripper.
  30. I am a unique, wonderful, talented creation of God.
:) Hope that gives you a little more insight into who I am!
I now tag... anyone who is wearing something on their feet right now! (so, shoes, socks, slippers... a toe ring counts too!)

4 Thoughts from YOU!:

♥Libby♥ August 29, 2009 at 10:55 AM  

hey, i changed my blog address and name to Girls of Hope and

Kelsey Lynn August 31, 2009 at 10:40 AM  

Lori Wick is totally fabulous! I have always, always, always wanted to make a quilt, but I never have. Raw meat is disgusting. I'd like to say I'm not a fan of Hannah Montana, but every time it's on, I just end up watching it and enjoying it anyway. And mission trips are so great! We're a lot's too funny!

justagirl4god August 31, 2009 at 12:46 PM  

Hey Kels,

Yeah... it is pretty funny!
But I'm guessing that you don't have as many siblings as I do, and we don't live in the same country, and... hm... well, you are a few years older than me... :) But hey, we are alike enough!

Jessica.Mae September 1, 2009 at 2:42 AM  

Hi Rachael! Love this tag; this is cool, lol.

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