Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long time no blog!

Okay! So, here I am... I had a RATHER busy week last week, but hopefully this week will be less so. :)

First up, do you all like the new background? I love it... pretty and girly, yet classy at the same time... the new colour scheme rocks! Comment on it...

Second, urm... I watched the 'Rabbit Proof Fence' movie last night... it was so sad! And yet the main characters were so inspiring! If any of you Aussies out there get a chance to see it, you so should! Anyone else, you could watch it too, but you might not get as much out of it as us Aussies. You see, it was about these 3 Aboriginal girls who were taken away from their family becuase of this law that said this guy was in charge of all the Abroiginal people and could pretty much do whatever he wanted with half Aboriginal/half Caucasian kids... very sad...
But I learnt heaps from the movie and say 'check it out!'...

What else... not much, really! I am having fun just being me... reading my Bible... wanting to spend more time in the Word...

OH! Okay... here is a challenge for you all - I really want to get as many comments as I can for this...
Here is the question - let's hear your best answer -

How do you discipline yourself to read God's Word and spend time with Him each day?
(and how can I do better at it! I hardely ever remember to... and it makes me sad, and I just want to change!)




Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Rainbows are so beautiful, aren't they? And they are not just a wonderful reflection of light - they are a promise to us from God. :) And that promise has been there for thousands of years... and it is still there...
God promised that He would never flood the earth, and He has also promised us that our whole world is in His hands.
He has never gone back on the rainbow promise - so why would He stop holding your world?

Your world is held by the creator of the universe - stop worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring and live today to glorify Him.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Place in This World

The wind is moving
But I am standing still
A life of pages
Waiting to be filled
A heart that's hopeful
A head that's full of dreams
But this becoming
Is harder than it seems
Feels like, I'm

Looking for a reason,
Roaming through the night to find my
Place in this world
My place in this world
Not a lot to lean on
I need Your light to help me find
My place in this world
My place in this world

If there are millions
Down on their knees
Among the many
Can you still hear me?
Hear me asking
where do I belong?
Is there a vision
That I can call my own?
Show me, I'm

Looking for a reason
Roaming through the night to find my
Place in this world
My place in this world
Not a lot to lean on
I need Your light to help me find
My place in this world
My place in this world

Michael W. Smith, 1990

This pretty much sums up what I feel this second. Lost. Lonely. Pointless. It is so frustrating that one minute you can be on top of the world, and yet, the next you are swimming with the fish. I think I come up with something that is so 'me', and then people are like 'no, you are so smart, you can do better than that'. But all I want to do is get married, be a mum and serve God. Isn't that a good job? Why does everyone think I should be a teacher? I may be smart, and I might make a good teacher, but I don't want to! How many times do I have to say no? Christian leaders that I respect and love seem not to care that I don't want money, a career or anything like that - I want to love and cherish others and be remembered as someone who went out of her way to do that, not as a too-busy, educationally minded woman. Why don't they see that that is my heart? Is that too much to expect? Why can't they let me live my dream and support me in that?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hiya all

Hey people of the blogging variety,

Well, I know, I just started a series of posts... but I'm going to have to suspend it until I have time to write... yr 11 is chaotic, and so, as much as I love you all, my school and family have to come first!

Would very much appreciate your prayers at the moment...




PS. And it is cold. and raining. dreary. but we are thankful for the rain! :)


Monday, May 18, 2009

Waiting for 'The One' - Part 1

Well, I deliberated over this for a number of days, but have decided I might as well go for this topic. I am going to tackle a series on 'Waiting for 'The One'. Now, I know there are a number of under-15 year olds reading this, so please, don't go and do anything silly... and you over-15's, don't do anything silly either! I guess what I mean is... don't change what you believe just because you have read what I believe. If you like something I say, talk about it with others, pray about it and know it is what is right for you before basing your life on it! We will have at least 5 parts to this series, perhaps more, so this is my thought so far... 1. Embrace the Promise 2. Embrace your Time 3. Embrace some People 4. Embrace Your God 5. Embrace Your Life! I'm thinking we might also do a question/answer post at the end of all of these... let me know what you think... but, without further ado... I present...

Waiting F
or 'The One' (part 1)
Embrace the Promise

Promise: (from the Free Online Dictionary)
1. a declaration assuring that one will or will not do something
2. a vow

Indication of something favorable to come; expectation
4. Indication of future excellence or success

Do you remember your primary school days? Ah, those sweet days of 9-year-old-ness, where you were totally focused on just living life and whispering about it to your friends. "Know what I did this weekend?" "Did you hear? Katy was seen..." "WOW! That is SO amazing!" "I have a secret... promise you won't tell anyone..." A primary school promise... it was that thing that you made every two seconds (at least I did...). My friends and I were forever promising this or that to each other... we'll be friends forever. I won't tell a soul. I will take the best care of it. I won't tell your mum...

Were you ever the victim of a broken promise? I know I was... many a time! I also know there were lots of promise I broke... like it just happened to slip out that Becca was totally in love with Josh.... but you didn't hear it from me. And don't tell anyone else. How betrayed did I fell when someone broke a promise they made to me? (and yet I still broke theirs...) Why am I telling you this? Well, I'd like to shar
e with you some promises a dear friend made to me...

  • I want you to be my friend.
  • I want to be near you, learn about you, and tell you all about me.
  • Whatever you ask me to do, I'll do it for you - because I love you.
  • I want you to do the right thing - even when it is hard - and I want to help you do that.
  • I want to hug you tighter than anyone else when you are sad or lonely.
  • I beleive in you - always have, always will.
  • I you believe in me, I will give you whatever you ask for.
  • I will give you all of the desires of your heart - but you have to delight in me and make me your focus.
  • I have great plans for you - if you will only seek me, I will show you them.
Have you guessed? My friend who has promised me these things is God. The Creator. Almighty. He has promised these things and more. He has assured me that when I trust and obey Him, anything is possible. Wow! How awesome is that! One of the greatest promises I hold onto is this one...
All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was even one day old... Psalm 139:16.
Isn't that awesome? God has planned all of my days - he knows my comings and goings. He has already planned my life - he knows the people I will meet and those who I will be blessed by. He has already given me a purpose - He has a plan for everyday I spend on this earth. And God's promises are not like our earthly ones - once He has spoken, His word cannot be change. That means that these words were true yesterday, are true today, and will be the same tomorrow...

As you are waiting for your 'One', don't be consumed by not knowing who they are or what they look like. Instead, be consumed by knowing your God, knowing His heart and what it looks like. Hold on to the promises he has given you - and trust in Him for the best.

The challenge for today - embrace God's promises. Take some time to examine your heart and think about what your dreams are. Write them down. Now - give them to God. Give your dreams and plans to Him to hold. Stand firm on the promise that He knows best and will give you the perfect partner - in His time. I'd love to hear how you go with giving up to God - I will be praying for you, dear friends for God, that you are blessed today as you spend time giving and seeking Our Father. :) Blessings! :)
(PS. the image is of the WillowTree Figurine 'Promise'... says it all, really!)


Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny videos...

I love this... and most of Tim Hawkin's other videos. Things you don't say to your wife

This is pretty funny too... for any homeschoolers out there! HomeSchool Song

And I love this... it gets stuck in my head all the time! Love Story by Taylor Swift *sigh*

Hmmm... that is probably my favourite videos at the moment... as well as the most awesome video by Summermoon - Hari Pilton tells all...




A Random Post about me...

Well, I wanted to post something really... deep today, but alas! My mind is not in that mode... ah, well. However, I have decided that I shall post some 'me things', just about stuff I like. If there is anything else you want to know about me by the end of this post, just ask! :)

Age: 15. and a half.
Year/Grade/Level at school: 11. only a year and a half to go! And I'm homeschooled. (go homeschoolers!)
Family: Mum, Dad, 4 sisters, 3 brothers, a number of 'adopted' siblings (ie. friends so close I count them as siblings), + grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and my beautiful great-grandma.
Favourite colour: oh... blue. and brown. together. and pastels. and pink.
The awesomest thing to do on the weekend is...: go to church, see friends, read, blog.
What is something you have always wanted to do, but never have? Oh... that's hard... well, I saw on TV, these people who were attached to a helicopter by a 30metre rope, and they were just hanging off the helicopter while it was flying... that looks pretty cool! So, that would be fun to do, and, well, this is sorta embarrassing, and I don't know if it counts, but I have always wanted to be a mum... but that won't be happening for a number of years yet! :)
Name your 3 favourite books ever: THAT IS SO HARD! Okay, probably, the Bible, Elsie Dinsmore by Martha Finley and I Promise by Robin Jones Gunn.
What are you listening to right now?: Darlene Zschech - 'Kiss of Heaven' CD
What are you planning to do tonight?: I will be at home, with my family, playing board games, or MarioKart on our Wii. (ugh, who came up with that name 'Wii'...?) (Normally I have youth group on Friday nights, though.)
If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move and why? Fiji. Definitely. Summermoon knows why. We went there on a missions trip last year, and I loved it. So I would go there to cuddle all the orphan babies and make them smile :)!
What are you wearing right now? Brown cords (pants), a white, long-sleeved shirt, a brown sleeveless cami thing over the top of that, and my sparkly pink scarf. :) and socks...
If you had a chance to make your own TV show, what would you call it and why? That is a hard question! I don't know! Maybe 'The Secret Life of Girls who Love God' or just 'Secrets...'. don't know really!
And, finally, what one piece of advice do you always try to live by?

Love God, with all your heart, soul and mind - and then do whatever you want.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to the 21st Century

Well, here I am, sitting at a computer, in an air-conditioned building. Wearing my lovely JAG Shirt, Suzanne Grae Jeans and my awesome Target mid-calf-high black boots. I washed my hair this morning with water that came directly from a tap, and dried it using a hair-drier, which worked well once I plugged it into the power point on the wall and turned it on. My milk for my breakfast came from a refrigerator and the cereal was in a cardboard box in the cupboard. I’ve travelled in a car over town to get here there and everywhere, and will do more of that this afternoon. I don’t have to worry about being too cold – I can change the air-con or put on a jumper. I don’t have to worry about being hot – change the air-con again, or take off the jumper. Everything I could possible need is at my finger tips – I woke up and my complete Bible was sitting on my chair next to my bed.

Well, over in Africa, a girl my age is probably working on a farm or in her family’s home, trying to feed the other children in the house. That’s if she hasn’t sold or been sold to someone else, and is forced to do whatever she is told. Her breakfast, if she got any, might have been a crusty piece of bread, or perhaps an old piece of fruit – if that. She most likely bathes in a local creek or river, and has never seen running water from a tap, let alone power points and hair driers. She walks everywhere, there is no other option, and she is so poor that she can’t afford anything else. At night she is cold; pulling fabric that has seen many a better day over her shoulders. During the day, the sun beats down on her, and there is little, if no, shade to relieve her discomfort. She probably has never heard about Jesus, let alone hold a Bible. And if she has, her Bible may simply be written on her heart, or fallen to pieces.

Isn’t it amazing, that we sit here in luxury, and yet there are so many people, especially children, all over the world who are starving, cold and lonely, living without the hope with have in Christ. Today is Compassion Day here in Australia; support those in need by praying or visit to find out more about the work of Compassion International.

Be Blessed by Being a Blessing!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay, so I like change...

Yes, I know, my blog has changed its look. Already. What can I say? I like change... expect lots of it! :)

Hope your day warmed up, cause mine did and it was great! (Thank you, dear Summermoon, for calling - you were the highlight of my day!)

Just a Girl 4 God


It is cold!

I have only two seconds to post this - but I must say - It is SO COLD! I am sitting, in my room, typing with freezing fingers... it is not fun. Any Americans reading this, be thankful you are living in Summer! I shall now go and work on maths... with freezing fingers...

Hoping your day is warmer than mine! :)

Just A Girl 4 God


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another new day...

Well, another day, another post... here we go! :)
I wrote this a little while back as an English assignment thing. While it does focus on Australia, I feel it could encourage others as well... looking forward to your responses! :)

The Great South Land

This is our nation, this is our land, this is our future, this is our hope. A land of reaping, a land of harvest. This is our land, this is our home... [from Geoff Bullock's song, 'The Great South Land']

Australia was originally known as 'The Unknown South Land'. It was first discovered, in 1606, by Pedro Ferdinand de Quiros. On the 14th of May, he proclaimed that Australia was taken 'possession... in the name of Jesus... and to the end that all the natives in all the said lands, the holy and sacred evangel may be preached zealously and openly.'

Today, when we look into streets, homes, stores, families all over Australia, we see a land living far from what was proclaimed over it 400 years ago. We see crime, drugs, alcohol, adultery splashed everywhere. The churches in our community may be growing, but are we taking a hold of what
Pedro Ferdinand de Quiros declared? That the gospel be preached 'zealously and openly'? While we are still leagally allowed to, Christians should be seizing every opportunity - in workplaces, in schools, everywhere in our community - sharing the love of Christ with those who are yet to come to know Him.

Our culture, as mentioned, is living far from the Biblical principles our forefathers founded this nation on. Most likely, God would judge and abhor many practices we accept as the norm in our community. This falling away of Christian morals is not impossible to fix, but if we wish for future generations of Australians [or Americans] to grow up with Christ as their focus, we need to begin to live out what we teach and preach. We need to love others regardless of their history and background. We need to embrace the position of power we have been given in Christ and reclaim our nation for God.

As a Christian teenager living in this society today, I know how hard it can be to share my faith and beliefs with others. I am human - I do have concern for how others view me and what they think about me. I am learning to take hold of the authority I have been given by God to make disciples of all nations - beginning in my backyard of Australia.

I'd love to hear how you are embracing your faith and sharing it with those around you... leave a comment or post on your blog and let me know! :)
Just a Girl 4 God


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Does anybody hear... does anybody see?

Well, I was just (and actually still am, while typing this post) listening to the Casting Crowns song, 'Does anybody hear her' on Elijah Lofgren's blog (he's the brother of a Maiden of Worth). Well, I must say, it just struck a chord with me. I feel compelled to post, and right now I don't even know what to post about... so we shall see where this leads... I''ll just randomly write things and if they make sense, all good, if not, please forgive me... :)

Does anybody hear her... does anybody see...
Honestly, am I seeing? Do I really care about others and take the time to... take in where they are at? Do I stop and walk in their shoes? Do I know what it is like to be unwanted by your father? No, but I am blessed to have a Heavenly Father who can give me discernment and the words say to encourage and value my hurting friend.

lofty glances, lofty people...
How humbly am I living? I am a sinner - just as bad as the next thief, murderer... and yet so often I (we) look down on others because their sins are 'bigger' than mine... *deep sigh* I don't want to live like that! I don't want to be so heavenly minded that I'm no earthly good, or so earthly minded that I'm no heavenly good... ARGH! It is so hard to live a life that is totally sold out for God in this world... but I can do all things through my Christ who strengthens me...

She is searching, for a hero to ride in, To ride in and save the day, And in walks her prince charming... And he knows just what to say...
Wow. Such a challenging line for me. How much am I relying on guys for my value? Do I seek the opinions of men or of God? I know what, deep down, I want... I am a princess in God's eyes - and yet I let... the number of times a guy emails me determine how special I feel...

Searching for the hope tucked away in you and me...
Wow. A good reminder that I have the hope of Glory tucked away in my heart, and yet so much of the world doesn't. Where am I being open and sharing this hope with others? I don't want to hide my hope - that won't bring much glory to God... I have to shine my light...

Well, thank you, kind blogging friends, for listening to my thoughts... :)


Just a Girl 4 God

PS. If anyone has any tips for how to be patient while waiting for 'prince (or princess) charming', let me know, as I'm thinking I'll do a post along these lines in the next little while... :) Blessings!


A Big Blessing...

Well, she gave birth to me. 30 hours of labour. Walked the shopping centre up and down with a friend who has a son about 6 mths older than me (and she loves to tell that story - especially when we get together with them). She put up with my terrible-two-tantrums, and my tears when I fell over at the playground. She cared enough to send me to school to learn my numbers and letters - and to learn that I don't have to be by her side 24/7. She birthed a good many siblings so that I have built in playmates, and chances to learn how to be like her someday. She taught (and still teaches) me how to cook, sew, clean, bath a newborn baby. She helped me raised money for a missions trip, and she was so excited for me to grow in this experience. She trusts me. She loves me. And I love her more than this post could say. I love you Mum.

Happy Mothers Day!

(so get out there and do something for your mum/mom... :) )


Just a Girl 4 God

PS. Today's comment challenge... post the most meaningfull thing you love your Mum/Mom for... why she is so special to you. If your grandma or aunt or another woman is more special and involved in your life, do this about her, but let us know who she is...


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Falling down... and getting back up again.

Ever watched a little one who is just learning to walk? I have seen many... Did you notice what they do? They pull themselves up, perhaps with a table, chair, person, toy... They stand up, wobble a bit, might fall down onto their backside. They they GET BACK UP AGAIN. They try it again. And, soon enough, they find they can stand, holding onto something, but they don't fall down so much. They they try to take a step. I find it is so amazing to watch their little faces concentrate on where that foot is going... they lift it up, move it forward and put it down. If they know you are watching, they might look up and smile at you... And they keep learning to move those feet, and keep their balance and before you know it that little tot is running behind you. *sigh*

Well, guess what? This is just like our walk with God! When we first become a Christian, we are like a newborn - we need to be nurtured and cared for and fed God's Word by an older Christian mentor. After a while, we find that we are beginning to understand and can try to 'eat' the Bible by ourselves, taking in what God is saying to us more independently. After a while, we find that we are ready to take a stand for our faith - here comes the hard part. We know we can do it, we know we are made to do this, but it's tricky. Here we go... So we stand up, pulling ourselves up with support from friends and the Word, we wobble, struggle, are tempted, and we may fall down... but we need to just get back up and try again... and fall... and up again... and fall... and up, and soon you find that you are not falling as often and you are ready to take that first step of faith and go out into your world and share Christ with others...

So, my challenge for you today: where are you at? Have a look at your life and ask yourself how well you are going with pulling yourself back up when life knocks you down. Are you standing on the faith you have been given? If you feel comfortable, go for it and post a comment with your thoughts...
Also, if you would like, share your thoughts on how we can encourage our Christian siblings to stand firm in their faith and grow with God.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Blessings... :)

Just a Girl 4 God


Friday, May 8, 2009

Random Thoughts for Today.

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if there was a person out there who knew you inside out? I dream of finding someone who knows me like this...
It would rock... if you could just look at them and they would know how you feel.
Someone that could finish your sentences before you even started them.
Someone who told you that you were beautiful even though your hair was downright scary today
A person who believed the impossible for you.
A person who challenged you to change yourself for the better.
Someone who encouraged you to be all God wants you to be.
Someone who could make everything right, just by smiling.
Someone who says what they believe around you and don't have to be afraid that you are going to judge them - cause you do the same thing with them.
Someone who cares about others - like orphans, widows and the poor - more than themselves.
Someone who wants to see you doing the right thing and loving it.
Someone who is working towards being all God wants them to be.
Someone who will push me to do things for my own good - especially when I don't want to do them.
Someone who would work alongside me and won't quit even when the going gets tough.

Well, if you know anyone who fits this description send them my way... I can always do with some more good friends...


Just a Girl 4 God


A New Day is Dawning...

Well, my first blog post. Kudos goes out to Twitter friends who suggested I do this. :) Thanks, you rock. And of course, I shall now begin my... randomness.

This blog shall be like my mind... online, with commentary. I shall post my random thoughts about God, life, family, guys, love, books, etc, etc, and you can just tell me what you think too, commenting.

What else to say... oh, the whole point of this is to get people following my twitter, and to talk about random stuff, so do both please! :)


Just a Girl 4 God

PS. Yes, I am doing this anonymously. Please respect this and don't quiz me to much about where I live, my real name, etc. etc. Thanks beautiful people!