Sunday, May 10, 2009

Does anybody hear... does anybody see?

Well, I was just (and actually still am, while typing this post) listening to the Casting Crowns song, 'Does anybody hear her' on Elijah Lofgren's blog (he's the brother of a Maiden of Worth). Well, I must say, it just struck a chord with me. I feel compelled to post, and right now I don't even know what to post about... so we shall see where this leads... I''ll just randomly write things and if they make sense, all good, if not, please forgive me... :)

Does anybody hear her... does anybody see...
Honestly, am I seeing? Do I really care about others and take the time to... take in where they are at? Do I stop and walk in their shoes? Do I know what it is like to be unwanted by your father? No, but I am blessed to have a Heavenly Father who can give me discernment and the words say to encourage and value my hurting friend.

lofty glances, lofty people...
How humbly am I living? I am a sinner - just as bad as the next thief, murderer... and yet so often I (we) look down on others because their sins are 'bigger' than mine... *deep sigh* I don't want to live like that! I don't want to be so heavenly minded that I'm no earthly good, or so earthly minded that I'm no heavenly good... ARGH! It is so hard to live a life that is totally sold out for God in this world... but I can do all things through my Christ who strengthens me...

She is searching, for a hero to ride in, To ride in and save the day, And in walks her prince charming... And he knows just what to say...
Wow. Such a challenging line for me. How much am I relying on guys for my value? Do I seek the opinions of men or of God? I know what, deep down, I want... I am a princess in God's eyes - and yet I let... the number of times a guy emails me determine how special I feel...

Searching for the hope tucked away in you and me...
Wow. A good reminder that I have the hope of Glory tucked away in my heart, and yet so much of the world doesn't. Where am I being open and sharing this hope with others? I don't want to hide my hope - that won't bring much glory to God... I have to shine my light...

Well, thank you, kind blogging friends, for listening to my thoughts... :)


Just a Girl 4 God

PS. If anyone has any tips for how to be patient while waiting for 'prince (or princess) charming', let me know, as I'm thinking I'll do a post along these lines in the next little while... :) Blessings!

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emily May 10, 2009 at 6:49 PM  

Good post, Girl 4 God.
As for advice about waiting for price charming -- hmm. All I can give you is a couple of paragraphs, in the Christy Miller book, A Time to Cherish. It's pages 383-384. I don't if it'll help, but that's what I thought of when I read about what you were doing a post on :)

xox emily

justagirl4god May 12, 2009 at 2:16 PM  

Thanks for that Em... I love Christy's books... they would have to be one of my favourites! Have you ever read the Elsie Dinsmore series? They are really awesome as well :)


Just a Girl 4 God

Anonymous,  May 13, 2009 at 11:07 AM  

I'm afraid I don't have many tips! Basically just wait, and pray, and wait, and keep busy, and I don't know....

justagirl4god May 13, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

Thank you, my beautiful Summermoon. That is great advice!


Micaela May 15, 2009 at 11:54 PM  

I just found you as a follwer on my blog so I thought I would check yours out :-).
Tips for waiting for prince charming: I would suggest reading, besides the Bible, Emotional Purity by Heather Arnel Paulson and What He Must Be If He Wants To Marry My Daughter by Voddie Baucham. Both are excellent books that have really helped me. Another tip would be this: be satisfied in the sphere that the Lord has placed you in right now. Marriage is not the end goal in life; the end goal is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The time you have at home is precious; enjoy what you have now!

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