Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My friends rock...

I've just been listening to that song from the movie 'Enchanted' - How does she know?... You know, the one where Giselle is dancing around the park and randomly singing with strangers and stuff? Yeah, that one... well, I happen to like that move, and think that it is cool that she is so confident and would do that! (lol... when 'Enchanted' was at the cinemas, I went to see it with 2 of the best gals I know... and at the end of the movie, B and I waltzed out of the cinema singing 'I've been dreaming of my true loves kiss...' and A was just shaking her head, pretending she didn't know us... anyway... :)

Aren't friends like that the best? Don't you love it when someone will sing while waltzing with you out of a cinema? Don't you wish there were more people in the world who could tell how you were feeling just by looking at you? (well, maybe not TOO many...)

I love my friends. And so, this post is here to thank the many wonderful real-life friends who might as well be my sisters and brothers - AJF, RLD, IFT, BDG, JAG, ACW, RVL and MKA. Of course, there are plenty more friends in my world, but these are my closest ones...
And then, there are these awesome bloggy friends - Em, Summermoon (my only real friend who blogs... lol) and Larny... and there are heaps more, but I'm just going to link you to those three for now... check out there awesome blogs!

God bless!


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