Monday, July 20, 2009

More new things around here...

Hey girls!

Well, I have made a few more changes to my bloggy-bedroom...
1st one is - all of the buttons and links to blogs/sites I like can now be found under "links" in the menu bar.
2nd up - now, when you come to my blog, your mouse will have a sparkly little tail behind it. Why? cause I think it's cute... :) Tell me if you really don't like it and I'll take it away... okay?
3rd - my live signature (lol) is now at the bottom of each post... isn't it cute? I really encourage anyone who doesn't have a signature to grab on from it's SUPER easy and lots of fun, too!

I think that is it for now... :) Thanks girls for being... AWESOME!

God bless you!

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